Charm Q&A

Q: I have a Charm account with another practitioner. Is it possible to have multiple accounts?

Yes, you can have multiple Charm accounts. You need to use the same e-mail address at all practices. You will receive separate invitations from each practice. Follow the steps below to add a new practice to your Charm PHR (Patient Health Record):

  1. Click the invitation link

  2. Verify your date of birth

  3. Enter your (existing) login credentials

Q: Can I add a family member to my existing Charm PHR (Patient Health Record)?

Yes, you can add family members to your PHR portal. They need to use your e-mail address while registering at the practice. You will receive a separate invitation from the practice for each member.

Q: I cannot register for the PHR portal. I see a webpage that says “You may have logged in to Please logout and then try again.” What do I do?

You may have not properly logged out from your last session. Follow the steps below to logout of your PHR portal:

  1. Click on “Go Home” button to get into the PHR portal

  2. Select a practice

  3. Click on “Sign Out” option shown at the top right