Naturopathic Family Medicine

Naturopathic philosophy focuses on treating the whole person. Rather than focusing solely on symptomatic treatment, the naturopathic approach strives to find and treat the underlying cause. A naturopathic approach to healthcare focuses on taking the time to understand each patient’s individual needs. Our physicians work with all other branches of the medical field to provide the most thorough patient care.

Naturopathic Medicine is based on the following six tenets:

  • Primum non nocere - First do no harm

  • Vis medicatrix naturae - The healing power of nature

  • Docere - Doctor as teacher

  • Tolle causam - Identify and treat the cause

  • Tolle totum - Treat the whole person

  • Praevenire - Prevention

Botanical Medicine

Botanical medicine is the science and practice of using medicinal plants and extracts to treat disease and promote overall wellness. Herbal medicine has been used since the Paleolithic era, roughly 60,000 years ago. The clinicians at Alder Family Medicine blend this ancient wisdom with cutting-edge research to effectively treat many conditions.

Energetic Medicine

Our practitioners work with homeopathy, flower essences, and drainage remedies to correct imbalances on physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels.


Proper nutrition is foundational to healing. Whether it’s a thorough dietary assessment, food sensitivity testing, or guided detoxifications and cleanses, the providers at Alder Family Medicine can help you reach your dietary goals so you can live a nourished life.