Medical Services

General Practice Physician and Women’s Health Care Services
Our physicians provide general health care for patients of all ages with an emphasis on preventative services such as general physical exams to women’s annual exams and all associated diagnostic lab work.

Botanical Medicine
Our physicians specialize in treating both acute and chronic disorders with botanical medicines.

Nutritional Medicine
Medical nutritional treatment is often indicated in many disorders and diseases. More studies are proving the links between depleted nutrients with not only metabolic disorders such as diabetes and hormonal dysfunction but also with genetic disorders and cancer.

Homeopathic Medicine
Homeopathic medicine works on a physical as well as an emotional level in order to restore the imbalances created by disease.

Ayurvedic and Chinese Medicine
Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine helps determine a patient’s constitutional set up in order to understand more long-term physical challenges for that individual. This can serve to educate how that patient can make healthier choices for themselves.

Dietary and Nutritional Evaluation and Allergy Testing
Sometimes what is making us sick is our diet. Our physicians evaluate your diet and test for any hidden allergies or food sensitivies that might be contributing to you feeling ill.   

Detoxification Protocols
From spring cleanses to mercury and other heavy metal detoxification needs, our physicians are trained to help you understand which kind of detoxification regimen would be best for you as an individual.

Manual Physical Therapies
Craniosacral, Visceral Manipulation, Core Synchronism Therapeutics, and Lymphatic Drainage. These are all gentle but deeply reorganizing and restructuring bodywork modalities that work well for both acute and chronic musculoskeletal and organ disorders, physical pain, hormonal, endocrine and nervous system imbalance and for acute and chronic stress and depression.

Naturopathic Manipulative Therapies and Muscle Energy Technique
Manipulative therapies are utilized where a more physical approach needs to be taken to help shift the physical body back into alignment.