Frequently Asked Questions


I'm trying to book a new patient appointment, and I can't access the patient portal. What do I do?


In order to book your first appointment, you must call our office. Once you are booked, you will be granted access to the CHARM patient portal. Please call us at (503)282-1070.

Does your office accept and bill insurance? Can I use my insurance for supplement purchases?

Yes, we accept many forms of insurance including Blue Cross Blue Shield, Providence, Cigna, Aetna, Moda, and others. Please contact our office if you would like us to check on your insurance benefits. We are happy to bill your insurance for you for your office visits.

The majority of insurance companies do not cover any supplements. A medical spending account is typically what patients use to pay for their supplements.

Is my doctor willing to work with my other healthcare providers?

Absolutely. Our providers are happy to send chart notes, recommendations and discuss pertinent facts about your case with your primary care physician, your acupuncturist, your therapist, or whomever else you are receiving healthcare from. This is your health and we want to work with you and your other providers as a team to make sure that together we are making the best decisions about your health care plan.

I see your clinic is EMF-Free, what does that mean?


We have chosen to eliminate EMFs in our clinic because of the adverse and unknown health risks associated with EMFs. EMFs are electromagnetic fields generated from computers using WiFi, telephone systems using bluetooth, iPads, wireless watches, and other WiFi devices. Our clinic has a hard-wired network of computers, phones and printers, and we are also shielded from incoming RF and WiFi with a clear protective coating over our windows. Additionally, we have installed protective EMF blocking material in the sheetrock of the outer walls to reflect neighboring WiFi from all sides of our clinic. We have worked with a Building Biologist to take measures in ensuring that this process has been done correctly, in order to limit the EMF as much as possible in our clinic. 

This also means, if you use a wireless device in a shielded building, it bounces around more, as the device is looking for a signal,  causing more EMF, so it is very important to turn all wireless devices either off or to airplane mode. Please note that our clinic will remind you to turn these devices off, as our first priority is the safety and health of all of our patients.

There is a small lot located behind the Mont Blanc Building with a few spots for patrons of the building. If these are filled, then you may park on the street. Please note, that it usually takes a bit of time to locate a suitable spot, so allow yourself an extra 20-30 minutes just in case.

Is there parking at your facility? How early should I arrive?

Is your facility ADA accessible? Can I bring my service animal with me?


Our facility has an elevator located inside, and all of our hallways and restrooms are built to ADA requirements for easy access. Please let us know if you have any additional accessibility needs and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Our facility does not allow any dogs that are not licensed service animals. Please call the office in advance to alert us before your appointment. We do have patients with allergies who need to be notified in advance if there are dogs in the clinic.