Environmental & Biotoxin Illness

Sick Building Syndrome, or exposure to a water-damaged building, can cause significant health problems. The Environmental Protection Agency surveyed 100 public and commercial office buildings nationwide and found 85% to have past water damage. Between 18-25% of the population are genetically susceptible to health effects from these water-damaged buildings. The moist climate of the Pacific Northwest poses a significant risk for water damage to occur, putting many people at risk.

Practitioners at Alder Family Medicine have the training and expertise to diagnose and treat patients suffering from exposure to water-damage buildings. Our treatment approach includes identifying and treating the body burden of toxins from these exposures, tools for assessment of the home environment, and referral networks to home inspectors who can aid in testing and remediation.

Our providers are also proficient at working with patients who have chemical, heavy metal, or dental toxicity. Alder Family Medicine provides extensive holistic adjunctive care for a wide variety of dental procedures. Our providers are also adept at discovering and treating hidden sources of inflammation or infection in the mouth and tonsils.