Anne Hill, ND

Dr. Anne Hill has studied a variety of different healing modalities since she first began working with plants and people in 1994.  Dr. Hill is an Oregon licensed naturopathic physician, a peer reviewed professional herbalist and craniosacral therapist. She has also been trained in the traditional eastern Indian medicine, Ayurveda, which she incorporates into patient care.  Her practice integrates manual therapies, botanical, homeopathic and nutritional therapeutics, exercise and mind-body approaches in the treatment of both acute and chronic disease. 

Dr. Hill’s approach to working with patients is rooted in the understanding that each individual is made up of a physical as well as a mental-emotional body and that disease or imbalance affects the whole person.  Treatment thus, needs to encompass and integrate the entire being. Dr. Hill has a private practice in Portland, Oregon. She specializes in general family practice, hormonal and endocrine imbalance and immune disorders.  Dr. Hill also practices craniosacral therapy on patients of all ages, including infants and children.

Dr. Hill is also an educator, holding private seminars on craniosacral therapeutics, and guest teaching and lecturing on botanical medicine topics at various alternative medicine programs across the United States. In her free time Dr. Hill enjoys hiking in the Pacific Northwest with her husband and two children, and cooking local cuisine.